adventure, horror, mature, sci-fi, top-down

Find out why you're cousin is a cannibal.



Multiple Endings

In-game dialogue for Null Recall

Each episode ending is based on choices made throughout the episode.

Body Language

Various facial expressions of a character.

Every character's facial expression changes based on each dialogue choice.

Episode 1 Free

Lisa map for Null Recall

Episode 1 will be free until release.

Hideout level for Null Recall Freeway level for Null Recall Storage room for Null Recall Grinder room for Null Recall


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Who is developing this game?

Right now, it's only me, David Ly. This is my first game. You can find out more about me on my personal website.

When will the game be done?

I plan on stopping after 10 dialogue conversations. So far, 7 have been done.

The character's face doesn't react.

I want to make sure the game's story is rock solid first. If people don't enjoy the characters, drawing faces won't make the game better. I measure rock solid by how many people return to check for updates, donate their hard earned money, visit the website when it is promoted, etc.

Will there be voice acting?

I'm 50% sure. A very early version of the game had voice acting, but I removed it because the story was bad. Again, if the story is bad, adding faces and voice acting is pointless.

If I only record lines for NPCs, and an NPC has 15 lines in an average conversation, then I need to record 15 * 10 conversations = 150 lines: very doable.

Why did you make this game?

Growing up, my favorite games were RPGs and FPS games like Final Fantasy and Halo. I then played Mass Effect in college and realized maybe gameplay isn't everything.

How can I contact you?

You can chat with me on Discord. I generally do not use social media, but I do have a Reddit account that you can message me on. You can also email me at

Are you hiring?

Depends on donations. Most of the game is writing, so any writing skills are useful: proofreading, editing, dialogue writing, screenwriting, comedy, etc.

On the art side, I sculpt the faces in 3D then take screenshots of them at different angles, and finally paint over them in a painting program. A 2D artist who can take a week to learn how to sculpt or a 3D artist who can sculpt and texture heads would equally be useful.

I'm open to other skills, free help is always nice.

I can't donate, but want to help

Sending bug reports, tiny or big, is very valuable. The same is true for quality of life suggestions. Use any of the above contact methods to reach me.

How do donations work?

I estimate the game would take 5 full-time months to complete solo or 800 hours total. Asking for $4.5 k upfront to pay for 5 months of work is not realistic.

My monthly expenses add up to $900

  1. $10 web server
  2. $40 water
  3. $60 internet
  4. $90 electric
  5. $200 food
  6. $500 housing

A realistic approach is to set monthly goals. If we see donations consistently passing $200 per month, I will increase the goal to $400, then $600, etc.

  1. $200 per month would cover utilities, so I would be encouraged to work 8 - 16 hours a week
  2. $400 per month would cover utilities + food, 16 - 20 hours a week
  3. $900 per month = 20 hours a week
  4. $1900 per month = hire voice actor, writer, portrait artist, composer, etc.