adventure, horror, mature, sci-fi, top-down

Play as a detective who is trying to cover up for their cannibal cousin. GAMEPLAY GIF



Episode 1 Free

Storage room in Null Recall

No need to create an account. Click play to try out episode 1.

Multiple Endings

Doren's apartment in Null Recall

Every episode will have two endings that will completely split the story.

Body Language

Various facial expressions for a character in Null Recall.

Every character's facial expression changes based on each dialogue choice.


Who is developing this game?

Right now, it's only me, David Ly. This is my first game. You can find out more about me on my personal website. Growing up, my favorite games were RPGs and FPS games like Final Fantasy and Halo. I then played Mass Effect in college and realized maybe gameplay isn't king.

When will the game be done?

Episode 1 is done. I'm ready to move on. Getting episode 2 funded by the end of 2019 would be a bonus.

Will there be voice acting?

Yes, if enough people buy the game. A very early version of the game had voice acting, but I removed it because the story was bad.

Are you hiring?

After voice actors, I plan on hiring 2 writers for episode 2. The story splits to two stories at the end of episode 1.

How can I contact you?

You can email me at